Harleton Fire Department 
  Harrison County Emergency Service District No. 8

Central Station, located in the Heart of Harleton, is where all the magic begins! Beginning in the early 1950’s, Central started out as a garage to house the first trucks. Years later, after becoming ESD #8 a new and Top of the Line Fire House and Training Facility was constructed. Now, housing Brush-truck #5245, Engine #5214, Tender #5231, is also fitted with a Full Kitchen, Training Classroom, Storage Facility and Offices.

Central houses Our “First Out” Engine 5214, one of our four brush-trucks 5245, and one of our three Tenders, 5231. It is also the centralized location for communications and is equipped with three VHF radios and One UHF radio. This Communication Center has a Radio Tower with an 8’ antenna making the tower a total of 48’ tall. Central Station, is in a centralized location so that in the event of a local or nationwide emergency, Harleton can maintain a “Command Center” for such event.

Trucks Housed at Central:

  • 5214* is our “First Out” Engine, equipped with 800 Gallons (of water) on board for first attack on any fire we may have, whether it be structure or outside. This truck is our rescue truck, meaning, on board you will find a set of All American Rescue Tools such as Ram, Cutters and Spreaders, predominantly used during extrication. Also Stabilizer Jacks, Airbags and Cribbing. Also including your standard Fire Fighting Equipment (Hoses, Nozzles, Axes, etc.).
  • 5245* is 1 of our 4 brush-trucks. With a water capacity of 300 gallons of water and a 15 gallon tank of foam this truck is a quick attack with man wells on both sides of the bed. Also equipped with a bumper nozzle, for those moments when time is not your friend and getting out of the truck is not an option. Making this truck is a great for a quick response and quick knock down!
  • 5431* is 1 of our 3 Tenders, also called Tankers. This truck has a water capacity of 3500 gallons of water and is a vital part of our Department in the majority of areas in which we have no water supply.
  • Medic 41, Central station is also Home to Champion EMS Unit 41. The ACLS EMS Provider in our District. It is staffed 24/7 With an ACLS team ready at any moment to respond to any Medical Emergency within the Harleton and surrounding areas!


* All trucks are equipped with An AED and a First Aid Bag*

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